Rotary makes numerous awards for outstanding work and service one of them being the prestigeous PAUL HARRIS FELLOWSHIP. The following past* or present members of our club are Paul Harris Fellows.(PHF).

We also make awards to local citizens for their work in the community and are looking actively for possible recipients. These can be nominated by anyone by sending a note to our secretary.

The list below is in alphabetical order.

John Dumbrell

John was a founder member of Shepperton Aurora. He was awarded a PHF not only for the work he has done for the club, he was President in 1999/2000 and has also acted as Speakers' Secretary, Webmaster and served on various Committees as Chairman, but also spent much time in Kosovo working with the London and South East Aid to Kosovo (LASEDAK).

Whilst working with LASEDAK, he supervised the building of a school at Kopilique in Kosovo and also helped many small businesses to start up after the war.


Pauline Hedges

paulinePauline joined Aurora in June 2002 and has been President twice as well as holding several other offices in the club. She has been and is a stalwart club member full of good ideas. Pauline has many contacts in the local community and never loses an opportunity to promote the club. She champions many good causes in the Shepperton, Staines and West Byfleet areas. Her Paul Harris Fellowship is richly deserved.




Ken Howe

Ken was one of the supervisors from our Mother Club who helped in the formation of Shepperton Aurora. He is a Rotarian of many years service and someone who has made the motto "Service above Self" his own by giving generously of his time to club projects. He was also instrumental in getting the four clubs in the Borough of Spelthorne to work together and to join forces for special events. He continues to play a key role in liaison with our neighbouring clubs.
He is currently (2012) our Club Secretary, a position he takes very seriously, and he ensures that the club runs smoothly and efficiently.


Des Mulvany

Des was a founder member of the club and responsible for recruiting many of the other founder members. He is always available when hands are needed either to repaint the sleigh, put up a marquee, hold a collecting bucket or any of the myriad of jobs undertaken by Rotarians.

In addition, Des was the Club Secretary for over three years, a job he carried out with his usual diligence and care.




Inga Tuley*

Inga was the driving force behind the formation of Shepperton Aurora, a founder member and its first President, an office she held for over 18 months. Without her efforts and coninuing support the club would not have prospered and we owe her much for the formation and guidance of our early years.

Sadly, because of work committments, she has moved away and has had to join another club.




DavidDavid Williams

David Williams joined our club from Chertsey Rotary in June 2010. He had been a member of Chertsey since 1992 and was awarded a PHF by them in 2005 for all the work he had done for the club. He continues to provide much support to our club and is a most useful member.





Peter Willson*

Peter was one of the earliest founder members and was a keen supporter of all club projects and gave generously of his time. He was always there when an extra pair of hands was needed and provided help and advice to the younger members. For many years he was the Club Treasurer and was responsible for putting both the main and charitable accounts on a firm footing.

His sudden death, a few years ago, led us to realise how much he did for the club and he is well remembered and sorely missed.


Nigel Wilson

nigelNigel was also a founder member of the Club and someone who was always there when needed. He is also a past President. He always gave sound advice and turned out to give a hand at almost every event. He and Mary have now moved down to Dorset and we shall miss his helping hands.