February 1st - We welcome the Interact Club of Sunbury Manaor School and hand our our Christmas Donations.

This morning saw a large gathering in the Bridge Hotel..

What an AMAZING meeting we had today! With 46 attendees it is possibly the largest meeting we have ever held. Besides a mini-raid by Shepperton & Sunbury club with 4 members, we had a major raid by our Sunbury Manor Interact Club  (14 members plus 3 teachers), not to mention all the representatives from Charities who received cheques from us this morning.

CharitiesThe main business of the day was to thank the Charities who came out with us on our Christmas collections, and to present them with cheques for their share of the proceeds. Representatives from CRUSE Northwest Surrey, Greeno Centre, Phabsail and Brooklands Radio were present, and each of them had an opportunity to tell us a little about their particular charity. They all received over £300 each. We also had a visit from Derrick  Howkins, whose house is always superbly lit up every Christmas. We always stop outside to take a photo as we go around that route, and for the past few years he has had one of our collecting buckets outside the house. He brought the proceeds in this morning, a phenomenal £150, plus a further cheque for £50 from money collected at the Harrow pub on the night we visited.

InteractWe then heard presentations from some of the Interactors present, namely Farrah Dutton, their President, followed by Jamie and Megan. I had already been very impressed with Farrah’s running of the Interact Club’s meetings, and today we heard about the pleasure she gets from helping other people, as she told us proudly about some of the projects they are already involved in. Jamie and Megan talked about some of their fundraising activities, and it was noticeable how often the word ‘fun’ came up. As with all other areas of the Rotary Family fun is an important element of our activities, and I am delighted that they have grasped this concept so early.  It was also nice to hear they are planning to take up our offer of a stall at Shepperton Fair.

Our contact teacher for Interact, Brikitta Batten told us that Farrah has been nominated by her school for a Spelthorne Youth Community Award for all the work she does in the community, citing her work with Interact as an example. We learnt that Farrah has made it to a short list of ten, and wish her well in the final reckoning.  I received confirmation this week that Chartering the Interact Club has been approved by RI, so we are in the process of organising a Charter ceremony at the school. I have invited Eve Conway, President of RIBI to come to the Charter ceremony, and asked her for dates she can attend in March.  We will then work around her availability in confirming groupa date. I hope the event when it comes will be well supported by our club members.