Collecting At Heathrow - 18th November

groupSeveral of our members helped PUDSEY collect money for "Children in Need" at Heathrow Airport. They joined with several other Rotary Clubs collecting in the terminals and recieved the following news from the organisers;

"Thank you.  Thank you very much indeed.

collectingEveryone put in a huge effort and we are very grateful to the effort made by all.

We think we raised over £42,000 but we won't know exactly for a few weeks until Travelex have counted all the foreign currency.

moneyWe will be in touch soon with more details, but for now, here are a few photos that I found on facebook or had emailed to me over the last 36 hours.

Thank you again, it really means a lot to me and the team.

Please send your feedback to me as soon as possible while the memories are fresh in your mind.  Without your ideas, we cannot make improvements each year.

Best wishes,