UK in a post BREXIT World

barShepperton Aurora Rotary celebrated their annual Prestige Lecture on Wednesday 21st September. This year we had been extremely fortunate in having an up to the minute subject – The UK in a post Brexit World – by no less a person than Lord Digby Jones, a former Government Minister and former chairman of the CBI. The talk was held in Halliford School lecture theatre by kind permission of the Headmaster.
chattingThe day started at 11.15 for many of the club members erecting the marquee and setting up the tables for the reception before the start of the lecture. As the weather was fine we were able to overspill on to the paved area outside. This was very popular and many of our visitors took advantage of the tables and chairs to take their pre-lecture drinks outside.
GroupThe gates opened at 6.30 pm and our marshals directed the cars to the appropriate car parks from where the passengers were directed to the bar and reception. We were graced with the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Spelthorne, Vivienne Leighton and her husband and also our District Governor Frank West and his wife. prelectureThe lecture was due to start at 7.30 and at about 7.15 we started escorting everyone across to the theatre.
The lecture was a great success, Lord Digby Jones is an excellent speaker and he enlivened his talk with humorous asides and witty comments. However his talk itself was of a serious nature, he revealed that he was pro Brexit but only because he could not see how the EU could carry out the reforms necessary to be a positive force in the future.prelecture He believed that it was essential to leave, if the EU could not reform, for the sake of our grandchildren. He pointed out the factors that would help the UK secure trade deals with other countries and commented that the EU’s much vaunted deal with America looked as though it had run into the buffers. He also pointed out that various member states had much to lose from having tariff barriers between the EU and the UK. His belief is that the likely outcome is that we would end up with a tariff free trade deal rather than having direct access to the single market. This would enable us to trade with the EU without tariff barriers but there might be administrative problems to overcome.
RaffleLord Jones kept the audience enthralled for almost an hour and then answered many individual questions from the audience. He received great applause and was publicly thanked by our President, Mike Gicquel.
Lord Digby Jones gave his time for free and at his request the profits from the lecture are going to the charity “Ladies Against Breast Cancer” This will include the proceeds from the Raffle which was drawn at the end of the lecture. The Raffle made over £500 for which we thank out generous audience.