Projects and Disaster Relief

Besides our day to day meetings and activities, we are also actively engaged in many projects and disaster relief. An idea of our past activities is shown below.



Our club is always to the forefront when disasters happen throughout the world. we collect money whereever possible and send it to help those in need. Sometimes this goes directly to a Rotary Club in the striken area which ensures that 100% of what is collected reaches the people who need it. Othertimes it will go to a charity such as ShelterBox, who provide emergency shelter and help or to Aquabox or a similar organisation.

2012 to 2015

During the last three years there have been many disasters across the world and our club has helped in many of them by providing shelter through SHELTERBOX, water through AQUABOX and by direct donations to Rotary Clubs in the disaster areas including the flooding in the UK, the Phillipines, Kenya and many others.

October 2011 - Pakistan Floods.

2 ShelterBoxes sent. Each provides accommodation and cooking equipment for 10 people.

March 2011 - Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.

Money collected and sent to Japan.

Haiti 2010 Earthquake

- A major collection exercise was launched - to see the results click here. Pakistan 2010 Floods- A special collection outside TESCO in Sunbury was arranged.

Pakistan 2009 Floods

ShelterBoxes were sent to hlp the homeless. Pacific Tsunami 2004 - We helped in the world wide Rotary effort to help rehouse and provide means of livelyhood for those affected.


Our Projects are designed to help those less fortunate than ourselves either here in Shepperton or further afield in this country or abroad. Some of these projects last over several years and we often combine with other Rotary Clubs for larger projects. In addition to the money we raise, we also receive matching money from the Rotary Foundation which is based in America and can double or even treble the money or services we provide.

Kids for Kids

goatIn 2015, we raised over £1000 to help impoverished families in the Dafur Region of the Sudan. Through the charity Kids for Kids we supplied goats to 28 families which allowed them to become self supporting and also increased the prosperity and awareness of hygiene and good water in their village.

KIDS FOR KIDS lends 6 goats to a family for 2 years – providing milk for the children, and forming the nucleus of a little flock. They agree not to sell the KIDS FOR KIDS goats and they sign an undertaking to care for them in trust – but the kids are theirs. After 2 years they pass on 6 first born offspring to another family in need. And so on. Donating even one little goat makes an enormous difference because its offspring will go to another family, and another.


canizalThis was a US$ 27,000 project in 2014 to bring safe drinking and washing water to the village of La Obrilla in Peru. However the local situation in Obrilla has meant that we have had to transfer the project to another village and we are now working on a water purification project in Canizal which is a small village in the municipality of La Union. Full details can be found TO SEE THE LATEST PROGRESS CLICK HERE.




Our aim, with the Rotary movement throughout the world, is to eliminate polio. Rotary, working with the WHO, has been working towards this since 1985 and polio is now only endemic in four countries in the world, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria and India and we are very close to reaching our goal. With the new vaccines, we are down to less than 2000 cases a year from 1000 cases a day in 1988. To learn more visit the Rotary website or view the history of polio or the latest video showing mass innoculations by a polio team in action.





In 2010, one of our members - Karen Sutton (see her report)- went out to India to help with a mass inoculation project with the new bivalent vaccine. Developed to stop transmission of the type 1 and type 3 wild polioviruses simultaneously, bOPV was introduced in all four polio-endemic countries -- Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan -- in late 2009 and early 2010. It has helped reduce the incidence of polio in India to 39 cases as of 26 October, compared to 498 for the same period in 2009. The number of cases in Nigeria has fallen to 8 from 382 for that period.









Dictionaries 4 Life

We have continued to donate dictionaries to local schools each year but the project started in 2007 when one of our Club Rotarians - John Dumbrell was District Governor. We raised was 2,000 euros at our District Conference in Lille and put this money towards the Dictionary 4 Life project, aimed at donating a copy of the Usborne Illustrated Dictonary to all Year 5 pupils in the Borough of Spelthorne. There are three other Rotary Clubs in the Borough – Staines, Shepperton & Ashford – and we all agreed to help in the project with the result that we were able to purchase 1,104 dictionaries, enough for every year 5 pupil . An official launch by the Mayor was held in the Council Offices. Following this, members from the 4 clubs visited the 20 schools in the Borough and presented the dictionaries to each of the year children. We had invaluable help from Gail Murphy of Spelthorne Schools Together, from Cllr Robin Sider, and from Caroline Marden of the local Education Office. The 4 clubs came together again in 2009 to carry out a similar project. Sterling work by Ross Emmerton of the Ashford Club secured majority funding from Spelthorne's Surrey County Councillors which enabled us to donate the Usborne dictionary to all Year 5 pupils in the Borough again this year.. Dictionaries are now in the process of being delivered to schools for presentation to pupils in September and October 2009


Khammam is a small town near Hyderabad in India. They supply artificial legs to people in Southern India having learnt the expertise from the Jaipur Limb Project. The local government is so pleased with their work that they have been given land to build a large extension to their existing small bungalow. This will allow them to cater for many more patients. We, with the help of other clubs and the Rotary Foundation, have raised almost £15,000 to help them equip their new building. The photos show the early stages of construction and one of the limbs which is moulded from drainage piping.



Manor Mead School Shepperton

A couple of years ago we helped a local school by providing equipment for a sensory room. This was opened by the then President of RIBI, Gordon McInally and our President David Catt-Camfield. The picture shows Gordon McInally looking at some of the equipment being tried out by a child and a carer.






Sails for Sailability

Another project was to help sailing for the disabled by providing sails for their new boat. The presentation was made on a rather inclement day at the Queen Mary Reservoir.








Helping Schools in South Africa - 2012 -

In 2012 we sent books to schools in South Africa click here for more details